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The active ingredient of the drug (oxymetholone steroid) is a modified form of dihydrotestosterone (biologically active form of testosterone in the human body). It has strong anabolic activity (anabolic rate – 320% endogenous testosterone) and moderate androgenic activity (androgenic rate – 45% endogenous testosterone). It is considered to be one of the most potent oral anabolic steroids relevant for sports use.
Oxymetholone Olymp Labs, due to its strength, is mainly recommended for experienced athletes. Definitely not recommended for women, because even at relatively low doses there are still risks of masculinization. However, it is known that athletes with experience in the use of pharmacology resort to the use of oxymetholone formulations, but only in reduced doses, not exceeding 50 mg per day, in order not to provoke the development of androgenic side effects.

Oxymetholone (50mg / tab, 100 tablets) from Olymp Labs improves anabolic processes in the muscles. The main result is an intensive set of muscle mass. Athletes also greatly appreciate the effects of increasing strength performance, increasing endurance and productivity, improving joint and ligament function, and eliminating joint pain. When it is taken, there is an increase in protein production, a decrease in the depth function that binds sex hormones, an increase in hematopoiesis and a stimulation of the production of the hormone erythropoietin.

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The effectiveness of the drug.

Due to their effect, they are very popular with athletes of various disciplines, especially bodybuilding:

  • Significant amount of muscle mass.
  • Reduced SHBG yield.
  • Increase the strength of the athlete.
  • Better protein synthesis.
  • Stimulation of erythropoietin production.
  • Better synthesis of hemoglobin.
  • Increased hematopoiesis.
  • In addition to eliminating joint pain.
The effectiveness of the drug

How is Anadrol Oxymetholone used?

Judging by the reviews and the practice of taking the drug, solid results are possible with a total muscle mass of up to 10-15 kg per course. Due to the wide range of effects, it is relevant not only in bodybuilding, but also in almost any other sport that requires a lot of exercise.

Oxymetholone Olimp Labs, like its counterparts, is potent enough to be the only steroid of its kind. However, it is most often used in conjunction with other steroids. Depending on a particular athlete’s experience and goals, testosterone ligands, stanozolol, methenolone or, for example, boldenone, can be effective.

For athletes, Olymp Labs Oxymetholone doses are generally recommended in the range of 50-100 mg per day (doses up to 100-200 mg per day are allowed in tolerance). The frequency of administration is daily, as the steroid has no long-term effects (lasts up to 15 hours after administration).

Combined course

Olymp Labs oxymetholone combined course (example): with testosterone and boldenone to significantly increase muscle mass by experienced athletes. The duration of the course can be up to 10 weeks. Dosage and schedule: An average of 100 mg of oxymetholone per day (1 to 6 weeks), 500 mg of testosterone enanthate per week (1 to the last week) and 600 mg of boldenone per week (1 to 1 week). last week). To prevent side effects in the classroom, you will also need to take metheolone and anastrozole in post-cycle therapy – tamoxifen.

Combined course

Post cycle therapy

Immediately upon completion of the course, treatment after completion of the course is mandatory. PCT can effectively include clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen. Duration of treatment after the cycle and dose as needed (on average 3 weeks with 10-40 mg of tamoxifen or 50-150 mg of clomiphene citrate per day).

Post cycle therapy