Contained within this book are seven sermons that are God-inspired with the purpose of bringing to the forefront of God’s people the great need for each of us to look at ourselves with a desire to rid from our lives all things, inclusive of people, that inhibit and corrupt our walk with Him. There is a focus on our thought life, words, associations, inclinations, and the actions we perform that are misrepresentative of God and displeasing to Him. The topics are: Operation Detox, Thinking Positive Thoughts, Do You Want to Be Made Whole, We Are What We Think, Fatal Attractions, Detoxifying the Tongue, and Lord Clean This House from the Inside Out. It is my prayer that these manuscripts will inspire and impact your life as much as they did to those who heard them when I first preached them. I am certain that they will. So, let the journey begin toward a more healthier, holier, and authentic you.

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The Red Tea Detox

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