what i eat in a day (easy, healthy & 90% plant based diet)

about my diet: I am 90% plant based (I occasionally have some fish and certain meats). my current doctor is a naturopathic practitioner and she’s helped really understand my digestion, my body, and everything else involved in my health. I want to make a quick disclaimer though, I am 90% plant based because that’s what works best for my body. everyone’s body is different and its just about pinning down what works for you. in addition to diet, I also do hot yoga and pilates to stay in shape. but again, everyone is different. find what works best for you. feel free to DM me on instagram (@aliciaclairedemello) if you have any questions 🙂


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gluten free oats, cashew milk, and no sugar added blueberry jam
chicory ‘coffee’ with cashew milk
chickpea stew with basil tomato puree and broccoli (I added chili powder, oregano, and salt for seasoning).
free range organic ground turkey breast, white rice, and trader joes vegan kale & cashew pesto
(I also snacked on some sugar free granola and blueberries that I forgot to film).

bike shorts and vintage army sweatshirt
vintage levis and a vintage ribbed top
initial necklace from vrai & oro

Where do you live? Los Angeles, CA
How old are you? 22
How tall are you? 5’5
What camera/lens did you use? Sony a5100
What editor do you use? Final Cut Pro X

business contact: aliciacdem@gmail.com

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