Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook

Chemical free beauty and vitality – without costing you an arm and a leg Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the lotions, pills and potions out there, all of them promising amazing results virtually overnight, but not delivering? Do you know how much all of those expensive products cost when you add them all up? Are you aware you’re being bombarded with synthetic herbicides, pesticides and hormones every time you wash your hair or clean your skin? There is a simple way out, and it’s called Apple Cider Vinegar. The health tonic of presidents and philosophers. What can you do with a bottled medicine chest, beautician and dietician? Read on to find out. Dig inside this health and beauty treasure chest to find age old secrets of glowing beauty and youthful vitality, and take a journey of discovery that will lead you from the beauties of Ancient Egypt to the Father of Medicine and right into your own kitchen. In this comprehensive guide Maggie Fitzgerald has yet again shown her expertise in the area of women’s health and beauty. Bringing you the secrets of looking and feeling better than ever before – in a super affordable way! Discover in the pages of this remarkable in-depth guide What to do so that apple cider vinegar increases your metabolism while suppressing your appetite How a deficiency causes signs of premature ageing, and what Apple Cider Vinegar does to reverse it How to have an easier workout with less stiffness and soreness afterwards How to get rid of head lice without poisoning yourself with strong chemicals Why acv can get treat unsightly varicose veins in a gentle way What to do to enjoy clear, glowing skin and hair full of body and shine Why losing weight is easier with apple cider vinegar added to your diet

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The Fat Decimator System

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