3-Step Guide To Detox Your Adrenal Glands (plus 3 recipes) – Saturday Strategy


3-Step Guide To Detox Your Adrenal Glands (plus 3 recipes) – Saturday Strategy

Your endocrine system is a collection of all the glands in your body that produce chemical messengers called hormones. These glands are in charge of regulating metabolism, development, sleep, growth, etc.

The endocrine system plays a role in almost every function of the human body.

Rush of adrenaline? Thank your adrenal glands.
Feeling sleep at bedtime? Thank the melatonin being sent from your pineal gland.
Have good levels of energy? Thank your thyroid.
Hungry or thirsty? Thank your hypothalamus.
Experiencing contractions during labor, or experiencing ovulation? Again, thank your endocrine system.

This system creates over 30 distinct hormones, which each perform important jobs around the body.

Another important function the endocrine system performs is helping with insulin production. A big sign that the endocrine system isn’t functioning properly is actually diabetes or similar disorders (even insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes).



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