Homemade Celery Juice For Weight Loss | The Magic Of Celery Juice

Hi family. I have a wonderful treat for you today. I bumped into a video that is changing my morning routine and body. I have fallen in love with celery juice. The benefits of celery juicing is awesome. The benefits will shock you. What I do the combat the salt taste of celery, is I also blend a red apple into the juice. It taste amazingly delicious. I love it and feel wonderful. If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a high power blender. I wish I could drink everything, but the juice is really delicious. I pack of celery juice usually last for two days and makes a total of 32oz of juice. I use 1/2 pack and 1 apple each time I juice. Yummy.. if you are suffering from health issues, this will strengthen your body. There are so many success stories about how this juice helped and even cured their body.

This also helps with looking youthful, curing acne and gives you that glowing skin.

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