Sugar Detox Program: An Easy 4-Week Plan to Quit Sugar

Are You Striving And Trying Your Best To Cut Down On Sugar To No Avail? We all know that sugar is detrimental for our health and yet we still have that addiction that can’t seem to stop. But if others have successfully reduced sugar in their diet, why can’t we? Sweets cannot be totally avoided but there is what we call good sugar and bad sugar. Know how to distinguish the right sugar for you with this practical self-help guide. In “Sugar Detox Program” you’ll discover easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to totally eliminate sugar in your system. In just 4 weeks, you can totally shut off sugar and live a sugar-free and healthy lifestyle! What you get with Practical Detox Program: o Learn why sugar can kill! o How to identify bad and good sugar o 12 artificial sweeteners you should know o How to stop sugar craving o Effective 7 day sugar detox menu plan o Sugar detox breakfast recipes o Sugar detox main dish recipes o Sugar detox snack recipes

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