NO MORE DIETS ( A Guide to Healthy Eating)

No More Diets (A Guide To Healthy Eating). If you could improve any aspect of your health today, what would you choose? Would you want to be at your ideal weight? Feel and look younger? Avoid premature aging? Reduce or eliminate some diseases or illness? Not feel tired all the time, increase your energy? Anne Rogers is a retired registered nurse and qualified nutritionist. She spent 10 years researching this book. She was very overweight, 18 stone while nursing and was desperate to lose weight. Anne tried lots of diets, which failed. She decided to research and write this book after qualifying as a nutritionist; she lost weight by putting the advice in the book into practice. Anne now weighs 10.5 stone and feels better. She does not diet and eats as much of the right kind of food as she wants, and enjoys her food and her new found health. Many people have benefited from this book and have improved their health.

The Red Tea Detox

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