PMS 2.0 Ep. 28 – Saving The Punt & Weight Loss Tips With AQ Shipley

On today’s show, Pat successfully formulates a plan to save the punt in the NFL, as it has come under attack in recent weeks. The guys also all head into the studio to talk more about their strategies for the weight loss competition. Also joining the show is Arizona Cardinals center, Penn State alum, and friend of the show AQ Shipley. He gives the guys some tips for cutting weight, discusses how his rehab coming off a torn ACL is going, gives his thoughts on the outlook of the future of the Cardinals, and chats a little bit about his career as a basketball player (16:00-48:30). Later, the guys discuss whether or not you need to tip bathroom attendants, and welcome in Jeffrey Gorman, a true five-tool specimen for Pat McAfee Inc. He gives away a couple of betting picks as he’s riding a hot streak, talks about his previous career working for the Colts as one of Jim Irsay’s right hand men, tells a couple of stories from his time working as tour manager for The Black Crowes, and navigates how to interact with the Pittsburgh guys in the office without getting into a fist fight. It’s a fun show. Come and laugh with us. Cheers.

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