My 60 Day Body Transformation | IIFYM weight loss

Its officially been 60 days on IIFYM “if it fits your macros”. I honestly enjoy this diet approach more than I thought I would.
Going from a very restricted diet M-F with “EPIC cheat days” of 10,000 + calories on the weekend to zero cheat days was hard at first but after 2 weeks I felt fine.
With having a daily IIFYM snack like halo top, chocolate, cereal etc. I felt satisfied and no longer waiting all week for my cheat day. I think this diet is great for a more experienced dieter but no a beginner. I still think creating a healthy baseline is beneficial for the long haul.
My goal is to continue IIFYM with 1-2 cheat days a month πŸ™‚ So stay tuned for DONUTS!
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