7 Day Ultimate Detox Cleanse: Lose Weight and Revitalize Your Life

Everyone seems to think that joining a gym or starting a diet will make them healthy. There is one very basic problem with these methods. Once the membership at the gym ends, and the eight week diet plan is over, the chances are good that most people go back to their normal routine of eating and not exercising. With a small investment of time, these techniques will help you change your lifestyle to a healthier way of living. A few simple solutions that won’t cost a fortune, that are easy, and you will barely notice that you are doing anything different. Using the book 7 Day Detox Cleanse will put you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. TABLE OF CONTENTS What You Will Learn In This Book 3 Table of Contents 6 What Celebrities Have To Say 7 What Is The Detox Diet 8 Let’s Get Started With Master Cleanse 11 Try The Liver Detox 15 THE FOOT DETOX HOW DOES IT WORK 19 COLON CLEANSE & DETOX 22 HEAVY METAL DETOX 26 SUGAR DETOX – THE BEST STEP 29 PARASITE CLEANSE AND DETOX 32 DETOX RECIPES 36 WATER DETOX MADE EASY 51

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The Red Tea Detox

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