The Weight Loss Handbook

Obesity may seem like an unbeatable opponent, but if you obtain guidance from an expert who has overcome obesity, you can transform your body and your life. Author Efthymios Tzimas never understood why he always felt hungry. Having suffered from obesity since childhood, he reached a point in his life when he weighed more than 460 pounds. Through becoming a fitness and nutrition expert and learning how to erase his unhealthy habits, he lost 268 pounds. More importantly, he’s kept the weight off for twenty years. In The Weight Loss Handbook, Tzimas provides readers with strategies to lose bad habits and form beneficial ones; methods to break the pain barrier during exercise; sample menus to promote weight loss. Also included in this motivating handbook are beneficial phrases that can keep you on course, information on the most advantageous times of day to eat, and an examination of how athletes hone their bodies and maintain their weight. It’s possible to start losing weight today. You just need guidance from a specialist who has attained weight loss success for himself and can support the similar change in your life.

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