Why do we need to detox? Doesn’t the human body already do it for us naturally? Well, yes it does to a certain degree, but it can only be effective if your body isn’t overloaded with toxins and pollutants and that’s where the trouble lies these days. While technology and science have brought no end of improvements to our lives, they have also filled the air we breathe with pollutants and so many of us are finding that we are taking in more toxins than our bodies can possibly remove. Processed food is especially bad for this, but it’s also in the water you drink as well. There are more chronic illnesses in evidence now than there ever has been and because of the sheer number of different toxins passing into the body every day, it’s become impossible for us to remove them naturally. By reading Detox: Cleanse for Fast Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Holistic Healing and Better Health you will learn: Five reasons you may need a detox cleanse Three types of short-term detox – and more!!!

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The Red Tea Detox

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