Skinny Sipper's Low-calorie Cocktails

Cocktails can turn any occasion into an event – there’s nothing more glamorous than sipping on a classic dry martini or a fashionable gin-based concoction. However, indulging in too many of these extravagant drinks can cause your waistline to expand – and your wallet to contract. Discover this life-saving collection of 100 lighter cocktail recipes, all easy to shake up when you have guests over – and at only 150 calories per cocktail, there’s no need to stop after the first one! Choose from a zesty citrus delights like the grapefruit and cranberry Sea Breeze, innovative twists on the classics, such as a Sour Apple Martini, and best of all, creamy treats that won’t break your diet – try the gorgeous Mudslide.

The Fat Decimator System

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