Running Challenge | WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY

Day 1 of our 5 day challenge… how long can you jog for??
SW: 251.2
CW: 228.8
Lost: 23lbs
Goal: Sexy mofo with all muscles lifting all of de weights. And I’d honestly like to compete in a bodybuilding comp & Powerlifting comp one day

Fitness Challenge!
THIS VIDEO – Day 1 – Running – Run for as long as you can without stopping! I put the treadmill on speed 5.0 at a 0 incline

(Sun. May 27th) Day 2 – Squats – Using 95lbs I am going to time myself and squat as many reps as possible. (so until Im too exhausted and give up!) 95LBS AMRAP

(Mon. May 28th)Day 3 – Swimming – Swim as many laps as you can in under 20min!

(Tue. May 29th)Day 4 – Stairmaster – See how many stairs can you climb in under 15min! (change the speed to whatever you can handle, just make a note of the final number of stairs climbed at the end of your 15min)

(Wed. May 30th) Day 5 – Abs – I will be using Ab sliders and timing myself to see how long I can do sliding mountain climbers for!

Hope some of yall will try out some of these challenges and let me know how you do!
Thanks for watching 😘😘😘

Making it easy for the stalkers yo 😜
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