Detox Green Smoothie for Clear Skin, Beauty, & Diet // 먹으면 예뻐지는 디톡스 그린스무디!

Here is the detox green smoothie I drink for breakfast daily. It’s full of so many good nutrients and vitamins that are not only beneficial for your health, but also helps with clearing your skin and weight loss!

2 handfuls spinach (시금치 2줌)
1 or 2 kale leaves with stem removed (줄기뺀 케일잎 1-2개)
1 handful parsley (파슬리 1줌)
1 cucumber (오이 1개)
1.5 ~ 2 cups coconut water (코코넛 워터 1.5-2컵)
1 cup mango (망고 1컵)
1 frozen banana (얼린 바나나 1개)
1 lemon, juiced (레몬즙 1개)


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