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Hi, I am Rocky Kanaka and I am really excited to bring you season 2 of the daily vlog. Tune in every weekday. Comment below (I respond!) with any thoughts, questions, or if you love dogs as much as I do.

My smoothie recipe:

I make my smoothies in a Vitamix. I used to have a Ninja because it was more affordable but the Vitamix is absolutely worth every dime. The Ninja left the smoothies very mealy and it was really hard to take down. The Vitamix makes them smooth like juice.
I make one giant smoothie. I fill it all the way to the top and it makes me about 4 to 5 smoothies that I go through in a couple of days. Buy some shaker bottles (they are cheap $5) and fill them all with smoothies then throw them in the fridge. When I am ready for one I just pull it out of the fridge shake it up and go. Great for taking with you to work or on the run.

Here is my smoothie recipe. It is not the best tasting thing but you will learn to crave the. Feel free to start with more fruit then work to pull it back. Feel free to experiment and change as needed. Let me know what you think or what works for you.

• 1 cup of spinach. Tip I like to use frozen spinach so that you don’t have to worry about it going bad and can stock up your fridge
• 1 cup of summer squash: Get this frozen also
• half head of cauliflower: I only started adding this about 6 months ago but immediately noticed it really helped kill my sugar cravings. Hard to find frozen. I try to get this organic and I don’t see it frozen much. Trader Joes has it frozen in a bag but they add SALT!
• half cucumber
• 1 apple or banana: I try to switch daily. If you put both in it taste better but adds more sugar
• quarter cup berries: I don’t do this every time
• ginger: I don’t do this every time but really add it more in the winter, before and after I travel or am at an event with a lot of people, or if I am feeling a cold come on)
• turmeric: I do only add this when needed. I.E. sore after pushing hard in the gym or on a run. I have noticed that this helps my inflammation decrease drastically reducing in faster recover times. When I make a drink with turmeric I usually also have cottage cheese and go heavy on the pepper. Research shows pepper helps the system process better. If you really want to get it right fat helps your system digest even more. I use Brazilian nuts so I get protein and a healthy fat.
• Chia seeds: Amazing results and get it ground if you can. Will keep it out of your teeth when you smile. Trying to keep you looking cool
• Flax seeds: Helps your system function just right. Start small on these so you don’t have squishy pants. Also get ground.

Other things you can add as you see fit:
Zucchini: A really really great green
Celery: If you like the taste
Aloe leaves: These are slimy and messy but you can’t even taste them in your drink and they give really great results
Raspberries: Really high in fiber
Leeks: helps control insulin levels

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