Here's How to Experience Natural Weight Loss and Optimum Vitality!

Practical advice on how to experience natural and sustainable weight loss. This e-book shows how to enjoyably eat yourself to a new, lighter and healthier you, simply by including a selection of nature’s Top 20 Foods in your diet each day. Regularly consuming these foods will put you on the path to total wellness and complete nutritional balance, so that your metabolism becomes more efficient and naturally burns up the extra calories in your diet before they get stored as fat. It details specifically which vegetables, fruits, proteins and cereals should regularly be consumed in abundance so that efficient fat burning can occur. When this happens, it optimizes your chances of leading a long, productive and hopefully disease-free life. The book lists in simple-to-understand terms the specific vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and micro-nutrient content of each of the Top 20 Foods. Most importantly, the potential life-giving health benefits of each food are also explained in depth so that you are aware of which foods may be beneficial for which specific diseases or medical complaints, such as many cancers, cardio-vascular disorders, gut complications and compromised immune states.

The Fat Decimator System

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