Healthy Lifestyle Hacks

weighted blanket (10% of body weight) –
dimmable smart lightbulbs to phone –
Amazon Alexa –

Etsy pilea plant –
insulated clear mugs –
RMS Organics lip and cheek color in Beloved –
towel hooks –

clear fountain pen –
ink –
onion paper (different size) –

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Use Daylio app for anything you want to track.
Write to relatives. Make writing fun.
Try a uniform (face and body).
Simplicity in fruit.
Aesthetic water. Add beauty for inspiration. Clean for productivity.
Focus on only a few areas of the house (closet – organized, sinks – clean).
Minimalist bedroom makes the biggest difference.

Tips for precise writing: Hold pen close to the base, use a fine point, write smaller.

The Red Tea Detox

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